A longstanding dream…

Power outages, forest fires, electronic and infrastructure damages, personal injuries… Controlling lightning is a long time dream of mankind. Although lightning protection techniques have seen considerable progress in the past, the best external lightning protection to date is still based on the concept of the lightning rod, invented by Benjamin Franklin almost 300 years ago.

The LLR project aims to investigate and develop a new type of lightning protection using a laser-based technique to stimulate the number of upward lightning flashes with the aim of transferring cloud charges to the ground and thus to influence the incidence of downward natural lightning.



Pr. Jean-Pierre Wolf, winner of the 2018 ZEISS Research Award

The ZEISS Research Award promotes outstanding achievements in the field of optics.  Jean-Pierre Wolf, Professor at the University of Geneva, will be honored for his groundbreaking application of ultra-short, ultra-intense laser pulses in researching the earth’s atmosphere. His research makes it possible to find out more about pollutants in the earth’s atmosphere and potentially control lightning …

International Conference on Laser Filamentation COFIL 2018

UNIGE team will organize the International Conference on Laser Filamentation, COFIL 2018, in Geneva on June 25- 29 2018. COFIL 2018 is the 7th of a very successful series of biennial conferences bringing together scientists working in the field of ultrashort and intense laser filamentation and its applications.

HESSO and EPFL team at the 2017 International Symposium on Lightning Protection

Marcos Rubinstein (HES-SO),  Farhad Rachidi (EPFL), and PhD students Amirhossein Mostajabi (EPFL) and Mohammad Azadifar (EPFL) presented their work on simultaneous records of lightning current at 380 km distance associated with a bipolar flash initiated from the Säntis station during the International Symposium on Lightning Protection (XIV SIPDA) in Natale, Brazil. Read the article (pdf)

Grant agreement: 737033
Funded under: H2020-EU 1.2.1-FET-OPEN