Our values

Our values


In an emerging technology field with much potential for further development and diverse applications, it is essential to disseminate the results to all potential users, so that their take-up is ensured. Dissemination activities will include publications in physics and optics archival journals, and contributions to annual and biannual conferences on laser applications and lightning physics. All peer-reviewed scientific publications resulting from the Project will be open-access publications, according to H2020 policy.

A long-term commitment

The LLR project is part of a long investigation and experimentation process. All partners are committed to carry on the project after the 4 years period. The consortium will pay close attention to further research and technology developments as well as the training of young researchers.

Communication and education

The aim of communication and outreach is to make the project and its benefits for the society known and to generate an interest in science, especially among young people. Particular care will be given to initiatives aiming at promoting scientific studies and careers especially for female students, with e.g. open days with participation of young girls and boys.